Flexibility of the firm’s politics won it a recognitition as a true leader in manifacture of waterproofing materials. Excellent waterproofing qualities, wide spectrum of applications through technologies that do not require special conditions of execution, 100% ecological, durability and reasonable prices – these are the shortest character sketches of ISOMAX products – Products with no competition !

ISOMAX is registered in 1990. Our durable position on The Bulgarian market in the field of waterproofing materials and technologies is a logical result of our politics of correctness, identity and planned development.

All waterproofing materials ISOMAX are an original elaboration, certified in the Patent Department The materials are certified according to the Regulation for essential requirements and evaluation of the adequacy of construction products and have either a BTA (Bulgarian technical approvement) or Declaration of performance according to a EN standart.

ISOMAX has ISO 9001:2015 sertificate for manifacture and marketing of waterproofing pastes “ISOMAX” and execution of waterproofing materials.

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Durability of waterproofing materials:

The technical appraisal by experts in the Center of Scientific research and projects at the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy established durability and preservation of the qualities of hydroisolations with ISOMAX products in real operatinal condotions – over 10 years.