Изомакс ISO9001:2015

ISOMAX quality certified again

As one of the first companies in the Bulgarian construction industry to introduce a quality control ISO 9001:2008 back in 2004, ISOMAX confirmed for the 17th time, its ability to produce highest quality liquid waterproofing and thermal insulation in front of the auditors at the end of February 2019.

We fully meet the requirements of the updated version of the standard, now named ISO 9001:2015.

All aspects of quality control from incoming materials, through production and packaging to sales and requests of customers and distributors were thoroughly checked and verified.

Полиестерен воал

Reinforcing Polyester Veil

Polyester veil is used as reinforcing material for all ISOMAX products, where: the surface of the substrate is not smooth; the substrate has different forms and shapes; there is previous aged waterproofing.

EcoPrimer ISOMAX

Self-adhesive effect!
Quick drying: 15-30 minutes!
Elastic bond with the base!
The highest adhesion among bituminous primers!
Affixed to both the dry and on wet ground!
Does the most important: a strong flexible connection between the substrate and the due waterproofing.

хидроизолация изомакс


The combination of special rubber and the millions of fine fibers in the composition gives the ability of the obtained membrane to deform along with the substrate without crackings and loosing adhesion, regardless of the weather conditions and the temperature changes. “IsoELAST” is quickly and easily applied by a brush. The coating dries for about 4 hours, facilitates the application and saves time and labor. The waterproofing with “IsoELAST” is resistant to the hazardous impact of the UV radiation thanks to it’s specific structure (small bituminous drops, protected by a layer of inorganic emulsifier), which provides tested durability of the material of over 10 years. Incombustible and ecological. The product does not contain any organic solvents, it is not fire hazardous and is safe for the health and environment.

ISOELAST conforms EN 15814 and has CE marking. Manufacturing is under quality system ISO 9001:2015.


Liquid waterproofing repair for flat roofs. Proven quality for 25 years! Water-based waterproofing, with easy aplication. UV-resistance and durability of insulation over 10 years.


Under floorings or instead of floorings!
Can be applied down to 0°C !
Outstanding waterproofing!
You can walk over it!
Low wearing!